Friday, May 20, 2005


Minnesota Twins

When I was younger the only sport that really caught my attention was football. I liked to play it and also watch. I have found lately that baseball has more to teach me and my kids. Now I am not one of those guys that learns all life lessons from sports but I have found that there is some teachable moments to be found in the original American pastime. My boy was asking me why do they pull the pitcher in the late innings, and what does it mean to have a sacrifice fly? It really hits home teamwork, unselfish play, and having the smarts to know who gives you the best odds at giving you the desired results. Make no mistake I love football, but it is fun to teach a game to a kid that does not have end zone dances, chest pumping, and continuous trash talking! I like seeing the way a pitcher approaches each batter, the way base runners try to outsmart the pitcher/catcher, the bullpen moves, and of course the defensive play of great fielders. Yes I am turning into a baseball fan...........and loving it!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Working on Series 7


Well I have been working on my series 7 and it has been a little more difficult than I anticipated! I will be very relieved when this is done. We are planning to move to AZ the beginning of June and the family is very excited about that. Minnesota has been very rainy and it seems like we have not seen the sun in days. I find that when I am getting a little run down and unmotivated that some CD's I have of Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn get me up and going. It is amazing how a little encouragement even from somebody I do not know personally can inspire.

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